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Medical Central Gas Supply System

   The medical central gas supply system plays a significant role in modern hospitals. The appropriate design and setup of medical gas equipment are essential for the hospitals to ensure medical quality, as well as to save the lives and ease the pain of patients in a timely manner. The medical center gas supply system is mainly composed of the gas station, bed head unit, gas terminal, electrical system, medical calling system, medical pipelines and auxiliary equipment system.

ETR Medical Central Gas Supply System Advantage:
  • Highly efficient molecular sieves, making oxygen generation more efficient
  • Unique startup concentration maintenance function
  • Imported muffler, achieving an operating noise of less than 85dB(A)
  • LCD touch screen interface, making setting of operating parameters more convenient
  • Integrated pipeline process, providing excellent air tightness
  • Intelligent control, enabling remote data transmission.
  • Online APP Online Oxygen Monitor Remote Monitioring System.

ETR Medical PSA Oxygen Generator Model Selections For Central Gas Supply System:

ETR Medical Central Gas Supply System Accessory Support: