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   I volunteered in the hospital found in the ward, patients and nurses is extremely inconvenient, especially in the morning to see a doctor, treatment and care the peak period, the patient is very painful, very busy nurses work of nurses, doctors kept walking , patients looking for nurses, doctors extremely inconvenient, patient pain, anxious family members, nurses troubles, the doctor is busy, and some hospitals, although the installation of calling but not practical, and the quality is very unstable. So I will be the sublimation of this idea for an action, inviting like-minded staff investment to set up a special "company, to solve the above problem, our team finally succeeded in the invention of a practical, reliable quality smart medical calling systemto facilitate patients and nurses, contact, communication, received by users. In order to reduce the suffering of the patients, hospital services, to change the backwardness of China's medical device, "a special" team, determined to devote to the development of medical products in this area, "protect patients, facilitate hospitals to improve medical facilities", "not Hospital regret and away patients annoyance, leaving a special sincere good faith to be "the pursuit of" zero defect products, the use of trouble-free, zero complaints. "

     Like the mother gave birth to the fetus, before the enterprises forming a special "has been her physical appearance, personality, all her parents -" a special enterprise creator collective to give her. With the integration of the managers of collective thinking, good genes are preserved at the same time, the new cultural elements in constant growth, the character of the enterprise gradually become diverse and lively, dominated by the culture of management thinking to protect the " ETR " stable , rapid development, followed by the formation of the unique personality of the "special" brand culture.
     The benefits of more patients around the world can enjoy a special "products," a special "service, social care,  through the joint efforts of all the" ETR "people, is thriving ward care system, in addition to Medical PSA Oxygen Generator System, Oxygen Cylinder Filling System Medical Central Suction System, Medical Compressed Air System,more related product lines. "A ETR " products and " ETR " services in the hospitals at home and abroad, has provided hundreds of millions of times in patients with the service. " ETR " for the establishment early loyalty, better, more services to patients as soon as possible to reach the hospital there is a special product, "so that more patients felt the use of a special product, a special service to bring benefits "and" ETR "products have been out of the country, out of Asia," a special "businesses are" listed "road, once again increase the pace of development," a special team has determined the future, " ETR "build the aircraft carriers of the medical device industry, resounded all over the world, the benefit of all mankind.