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Smart Ward Nursing System

      Smart Ward Nursing System is an indispensable important part in hospital digitization construction, which not only provides the powerful communication among doctors, nurse and patients, but also creatively offers the new functions of voice reminding, information issuing, information collection, multimode connecting data and upload automatically with all testing device in the ward, information process and etc., stretched hospital information system (HIS) to wards. This system has truly achieved a leap of nursing quality besides the greatly decrease of work intensity of nursing staff.

 Features of Smart Ward Nursing System:

  In order to reduce the complexity of installation and maintenance of the system, smart ward nursing system used two-bus(Included power lines, date signal lines, voice signal lines of the system used one two-core wires). The system adopt TCP/IP Communication protocol. Bed extension, door extension and nurse extension used the latest Android 6.0 operation system.