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Nurse Call System with PC-controlled

Eter Nurse Call System with PC-controlled  is an indispensable important part in hospital digitization construction,which not only provides the powerful communicaton among doctors, nurses,and patients,but also creatively offers the new functions of voice remiding, information issuing, information collection, information process, and etc, stretched hospital information system(His) to wards. This system has truly achieved a leap of nursing quality besides the greatly decrease of the work intensity of nursing staff.

Features of Nurse Call System with PC Controlled:

1. Act as management center that can be linked to PC with WNS software suitable for hospital, where internal communication is needed and is easy to be operated.

2. The Master Host can support 90 extensions (Included bed extension, door extension, bathroom extension); WNS software can record and check patient information.

3.Nurse Extension can broadcast for ward area.

4. Volume adjustable.

5.Counting patient number.

6. The screen of telephone can display the calling bed number and ward number.

1. Techincal Data of Emergency Nurse Call System:

Rated work voltage: 220V220V±22V   50HZ±1HZ

Rated power: 15W

Static state power consumption:10W

Working condition: Ambient Temperature 0-40 Relative Humidity: 85%

Mas communication distance: 1000M


2. Superiority of Emergency Nurse Call System:

Precision: Simultaneous calling of multiple extensions without omission.

Flexible:User friendly and simple to operatre, two-wired system is easy to install and maintain.

Credibility:ETR nurse call system provides reliable solutions for a wide range of customers including hospitals, care groups, health recovery centre, nursing and residential homes.

Warranty: We offer a full year’s warranty, on going maintenace and provide the installation on-site if required.