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Parts of Operation Room Cleaning System

The medical clean air-conditioning system is a device dedicated to the air purification system.
It is characterized by constant temperature, constant humidity (large air flow, high filter grade and long service life), independent operation, automatic differential pressure alarm and automatic system control, etc.

It displays Beijing time, surgery timing/anesthesia timing, calendar, temperature and humidity, air-conditioning control, control of lighting/shadowless lamp/automatic door, telephone and gas status, etc.

The cantilever suspension bridge is appropriate for intensive care units in the hospital. As necessary auxiliary equipment for medical rescue in modern ICUs, it is composed of the bridge frame, dry section and wet section. The multiple joints enable it to move in a wide range of distances and rotate at 330 degrees. The pneumatic brake prevents drifting, which makes it possible to move to any area of the operating table more conveniently and adjust the terminal position accurately. The compact structure, reasonable design and simple operation turn the bridge into an ideal carrier workstation for medical gas power supply for the operating room, as well as network output terminal equipment.

It is featured by automatic delay closing, compact structure, high air tightness, anti-collision and sound insulation, stable operation, extremely low failure rate, elegant appearance and high safety.