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Operation Room Cleaning System

   The medical clean engineering system covers clean operating rooms, ICUs, disinfecting supply rooms, laboratories, clinical laboratories, vein deployment centers and other sites. Decoration materials, clean air-conditioners and medical devices that meet the cleanliness requirements must be adopted to ensure cleanliness, especially for clean operating rooms, ICUs, disinfecting supply rooms and other sites subject to cleanliness requirements of the hospital.

    The clean operating room project covers a self-contained function area composed of the clean operating room, clean subsidiary room and unclean subsidiary room. The clean air-conditioning system, clean decoration system, electrical control system and medical device are provided for the project. According to the provisions of GB50333-2013 Architectural Technical Code for Hospital Clean Operating Department, the scientific, rational and humanized layout of clean operating room can effectively reduce the crossover and interference between different clean areas, simplify the layout of air-conditioning system and control the functional requirements of pollutions, so as to reduce the costs and operating expenses.