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Smart Medical Self-Help System

For hospitals
1. To reduce medical and visit workload, increase visit efficiency, and relieve 3-long and 1-short problems;
2. To reduce hospital’s operating costs and improve service level;
3. To improve visiting experience, enhance visit satisfaction and better relationship between doctors and patients.

For patients
1. The patients can be provided in a real sense with a complete set of quality self-service in respect of “registration, triage, prescription, payment of charges and hospitalization”
To improve visit experience, enhance satisfaction and better the relationship between doctors and patients.

Our Advantages
1. At hospitals, self-help service by patients themselves can be achieved for all non-visit aspects to facilitate patients in respect of registration, payment and taking of medical treatment reports.
2. Self-help hospitalization and self-help leaving of hospital, and patients can go through hospitalization procedures with help of self-help units.
3. As required by hospitals, system software and hardware can be customized to suit personality.
4. The system applies CA digital signatures, supports payment by Alipay via WeChat, and supports electronic films.
5. The entire unit provides lifelong maintenance. More than 1 engineer will be appointed to station in a hospital permanently.
6. We ensure 7*24-hour technical support by telephone, and during work hours, the resident engineers can arrive at the site of failures within 15 minutes.
7. Perfect training instructions ensure that medical workers and patients will have an adequate mastery of system operation and application.