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5nm3/H Oxygen Cylinder Filling System To New Zealand

Finished the commissioning and delivery 5Nm3/h Oxygen cylinder filling system to New Zealand on June 24, It can produce oxygen with 93±3% purity.


Facing the problem for the high cost, unsafe operation and low efficiency of tradition medical gas supply, ETR adopts the international advanced PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle, developed and produced the 3-50Nm3/h Oxygen cylinder filling system independently, separate the medical level oxygen from the air directly by physical principle. ETR can supply different oxygen generator according to the different climate and environment.Many practical references fully proved that ETR oxygen generator keep good working at least 10 years.

ETR oxygen cylinder filling system is consisted of screw air compressor, refrigerant dryer and filters, air buffer tank, Eter PSA oxygen generator, oxygen buffer tank, oxygen booster and cylinder filling station. It can produce oxygen with 93±3% purity and fill in cylinders. As a complete system, Eter oxygen cylinder filling system can be widely used for oxygen gas station and hospitals.



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