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Medical Gas Monitoring And Alarming System

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Medical Gas Monitoring and Alarm System

Medical Gas Monitoring and Alarm System

The medical gas monitoring system is mainly composed of the data collector, area alarm unit, data communication network, monitoring computer and monitoring software.

Medical gas monitoring & alarming system can collect the main gas monitoring parameters ( such as the gas purity, gas pressure and gas flow rate) in all areas of the hospital (ICU, operation rooms, emergency room, operation room and general room) in real time, and transmits data to the monitoring computer at the monitoring center via the data bus for operating data collection, control and processing, so as to enable all-round monitoring of the gas parameters at different areas.

Product Details

gas system1

Comprehensive data collection: monitoring of the source gases and gas-consuming areas in the hospital.

gas system2

Central monitoring:central monitoring of gas sources and gas-consuming areas, enabling comprehensive data browsing and operation curve analysis.

gas system3

Fault early warning: abnormal data analysis and trend analysis.

Safe, reliable, user-friendly and convenient

1,Printing of data reports for medical gases;

2,Timely alarm signals against abnormal medical gas supply;.

3,Timely identification of medical gas abnormalities in all areas;

4,Intelligent modular design, providing convenient networking and scalability;

5,Multiple wired or wireless transmission modes available for the actual situation.

6,Data sharing, realizing cross-platform data exchange through professional data interface;

7,Real-time monitoring of pressure, flow, purity and other parameters, forming a historical data report;

8,Bus collection and transmission mode, achieving simple construction wiring and facilitating expansion;

9,Automatic generation of oxygen consumption report, providing reliable basis for cost statistics of the hospital.

10,Comprehensive data collection: monitoring of the source gases and gas-consuming areas in the hospital.


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