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Medical Gas Manifold
Medical Gas Manifold
Medical Gas Manifold

Medical Gas Manifold

Medical gas manifold system comprise a centralized battery of cylinders complete with support tacks, headers, automatic manifold distribution panels and all necessary controls, safety devices, alarms, pipework, valves and terminal units for distributing the gases to the required positions as listed on the schedule of terminal units.

It is designed to provide an constantly medical gas supply without any manual adjustments. This system automatically switches over when the primary gas station is depleted. Even in case of a power failure, the system continues to supply gas without interruption.

Product Details

Medical Gas Manifold (10)


  • CE certification, Touch screen, PLC control;

  • Wall or floor mount available;

  • Automatic switching, strong and weak electricity separation;

  • Pilot-operated control switching gas path, pressure is stable;

  • With temperature control to prevent frost and overheating and leakage;

  • Secondary pressure regulator and pressure reducer for one backup and one use;

  • Valves and pipes are made of 316L BA grade stainless steel, with high cleanliness;

  • The pipeline adopts the form of live connection, which is more convenient for maintenance;

  • On-site signal lights indicate working status, pressure gauges display pressure, with sound and light alarm function;

  • Continuous gas supply and automatic switching after power failure, it is not necessary to close the gas supply pipeline during maintenance.


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