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What parts does the medical PSA oxygen generation system consist of?

Medical PSA oxygen generator systemis a crucial tool that can save lives in medical facilities. This system is designed to generate oxygen on-site and provide a constant supply of this much-needed gas to patients. It is an essential component of many hospitals and clinics, ensuring that every patient who needs oxygen therapy can receive it quickly and efficiently.

What parts does the medical PSA oxygen generation system consist of?

The first component of the medical PSA oxygen generation system is the air compressor. This device compresses atmospheric air and supplies it to the next component, the air dryer. The air dryer removes all moisture and oil from the compressed air and filters it before passing it down the line to the next stage.

The next component is the air receiver tank, which temporarily stores the dried compressed air. This tank helps to maintain an even and stable flow of compressed air to the next stage of the system, the oxygen generator. The oxygen generator is the most critical component of the system, as it converts the compressed air into medical-grade oxygen.

The oxygen generator uses a process called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to separate the nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the compressed air. This generates a continuous supply of oxygen, which can be adjusted to the required flow rate and purity level by the system controller.

The final stage of the medical PSA oxygen generation system is the oxygen storage tank. This tank stores the generated oxygen and allows for a constant supply to patients. This tank is connected to the oxygen manifold, which distributes the oxygen throughout a medical facility.

Medical PSA oxygen generation system provides a safe, reliable, and cost-effective method for producing and distributing medical-grade oxygen. This system ensures that patients in need of oxygen therapy have access to a constant and readily available supply of oxygen, promoting quick and effective recovery.

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