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The Gospel Of Village Clinics And Small Hospital

It is show that The village clinics and small hospitals are troubled by the oxygen sources Consumption, dangerous, and long distance, the traditional oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen cannot ensure for the oxygen supply constantly and safely. in recent years, under the strict control of the state, oxygen cylinder explosion accidents have occurred in succession.

This is the three most widely used oxygen supply methods in the market

Oxygen cylinder  liquid oxygen

Onsite Oxygen Generator

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High use cost unsafeDifficult transportation High filling requirementsPhysical separation economic security

ETR how to slove it?

In order to comprehensively and effectively to ensure the safety of the hospital with oxygen. ETR in research and development team autonomy in security, economic, convenient, etc, on the basis of further research and development of a new compacted medical oxygen generator with Advanced molecular sieve oxygen system patented heat circulation system and drainage system.

Why choose ETR?

the compacted oxygen generator whose material is air and consume power only, per cubic meter of oxygen which usually cost about 1yuan, the cost is Lower than Oxygen cylinder and liquid oxygen. circulation system and drainage system could ensure long service life, Service life over 10 years, long-term economic benefits is apparent. Its working on normal temperature and low pressure, working pressure is lower than 5kg/cm2.It is not of any safety concern. and the product needs no Procurement, transportation, canning and storage. The oxygen module could be added freely according to the oxygen consumption volume in small hospitals, clinics which is very conveniently and timely, and could supply oxygen timely, safely, conveniently, promptly for small hospital and clinics which is a good oxygen production solution in those places.

ETR devoted to reach and develop the advanced technology for Medical Gas Engineering Products, With 20 years experiences in manufacturing medical oxygen generator ensure give our clients with best customer experience and gained one of leadership in the china and overseas market. real-time monitoring of Oxygen purity by computer.

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