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The Air Compressors system of hospital plays an important function in the healthcare business

Medical air compressors are among the air compressor types available for varied uses. They meet the compressed air demands of the healthcare industry. A medical air compressor is a device that generates compressed air for use in a variety of medical applications. It is used to supply medical gases for patient care, medical equipment, and medical gas distribution networks. It is also used to supply air to ventilators and other medical devices, as well as during surgical procedures. A medical air compressor is a component of piping systems that provides clean, dry, odourless, compressed air.

Compressors play an important part in hospital air systems, constituting the "heart" of the operation. A medical grade compressor, unlike normal compressors, must fulfill rigorous standards of accuracy. After all, it provides the air that sensitive patients need. As a result, while the machine's quality is vital, the compressed air it produces is much more critical. One of the most significant requirements for a medical compressor is that it be oil-free.

Compressors push a big volume of air into a storage tank using various sophisticated methods. As it compresses additional air, pressure rises up within. This effect produces potential energy, which may subsequently be converted into kinetic energy. In exchange, this kinetic energy fuels the equipment and breathing apparatus used in medical and dental settings.

Continue reading to discover more about these compressors, oil-free compressor types, and their critical uses in the medical profession.

Main Components of ETR Oil-Free Air Compressors Hospital

Air Cooler, Filter, and Dryer

Compressed the air through the medical air compressor, the aftercooler reduces the temperature. 

The adsorption dryer filter helps to remove moisture, impurities and oil mist content from the compressed air. 

Air Buffer Tank

Store the medical grade air in the air buffer tank. 

From this tank, the compressed medical air goes to different points of the hospital for various applications.

The medical gas pipeline System(MGPS)

It provides medical gases with accurate pressure and flow rates. Supply the medical air to each ward of hospital.

Oil Free Medical Compressed Air System-02

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