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Protect The Safety Of Oxygen Use

Oxygen is called a "life support system". Oxygen inhalation is an important means of treating medium and severe infections of the new coronavirus. As the epidemic situation in various provinces and cities across the country reaches its peak, the number of infections has risen sharply. Oxygen consumption is extremely tense, and the amount of oxygen consumption has reached several times the daily peak value. The basic problems of oxygen consumption and the gap of oxygen consumption need to be solved urgently.

Increase cylinder oxygen, dewar or liquid oxygen storage capacity

Cylinder oxygen (150kg/cm²) and liquid oxygen (boiling point -183°C) are dangerous goods and chemicals due to their special physical properties. Vehicles for transporting cylinder oxygen require dangerous goods vehicles, and liquid oxygen also requires special transport vehicles. Both have a limited time period in transportation and cannot transport 24 hours a day. It is necessary to allocate transportation vehicles and transportation time slots, as well as frequent replacement and filling times to ensure that the supply will not be out of touch due to transportation efficiency problems. It is necessary to arrange as early as possible and in time deployment. In addition, the two also have potential safety hazards during use. Especially at the current stage, hospitals need a large amount of oxygen reserves, which is difficult to manage and relatively high in management costs. Safety issues need to be paid attention to at all times.


A new medical oxygen production station was built to form a joint supply mode of dual oxygen sources "liquid oxygen + oxygen production".

Medical molecular sieve oxygen production adopts pressure swing adsorption technology, using natural air as raw material, using the principle of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption to absorb and release nitrogen from the air, so as to separate oxygen. It is ready to use when it is powered on, and has the characteristics of safety, economy, convenience, and environmental protection. It is combined with liquid oxygen storage to supply oxygen, which can not only achieve daily abundant oxygen storage but also cope with sudden peak oxygen consumption.


Increase the oxygen generator system

At present, the medical psa oxygen generators used in many hospitals still face the situation of hypoxia, because at the beginning of the construction of the station, the model of the oxygen generator and the oxygen production capacity were selected according to the hospital's workshop area, number of beds, and daily oxygen consumption. The sudden situation of the epidemic was not taken into account, resulting in oxygen tension. On January 8, 2023, my country will announce the cancellation of epidemic prevention and testing measures for foreign immigrants, and new mutated strains will also enter the country. It is still unknown whether it will cause a new wave of infections. From a long-term perspective, the problem of peak oxygen consumption requires Attention should be paid to improving the emergency preparedness capacity of oxygen use to deal with the subsequent uncertain epidemic factors.


etr has been focusing on medical psa oxygen generation systems for 20 years. With years of independent research and development and production, it has a strong oxygen generation product system, which is widely used in various large and small hospitals and township hospitals, and can meet different needs of 1-120m³/h Oxygen demand, hoping to help medical institutions protect the safety of oxygen consumption, protect life, and contribute positive corporate social responsibility to the society.


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