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New PSA Medical Oxygen Gas Plant creates medical-grade oxygen gas from compressed air

The PSA technology works by using special adsorbent materials that selectively capture nitrogen molecules from the air, which allows for the production of high purity oxygen gas. It is a highly efficient process, with output purity levels reaching up to 95%. Moreover, the system is automated and requires minimal maintenance.

Furthermore, the PSA oxygen system is easily portable, making it an ideal solution for use in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, and also in remote or high-altitude areas. With the ease of portability, medical personnel can provide oxygen therapy to patients no matter where they are, ensuring that they receive proper care and treatment.

The principle of PSA:

It makes use of several components with varying adsrobents depending on the adsorbent's ability for adsorption; the adsorbent performs selective adsorption when pressure rises and regenerates desorption when pressure falls. It typically has a twin tower construction with zeolite molecular sieves inside the towers. Another tower desorbs nitrogen to obtain renewal while the first tower adsorbs nitrogen and produces oxygen. It functions by means of alternating work to provide stable oxygen supply and automated switching under the control system.

Medical PSA Oxygen Generator System-04

An medical oxygen gas plant is a type of gas generating facility used to extract oxygen from other airborne component gases. Our method of air separation is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption, which is thought to be the most effective way to produce high-purity oxygen on a large-tank. In general, the procedure can produce oxygen by liquefying ambient air and continuously distilling different gases according to their respective boiling points to separate the oxygen from the other gases.

We are one of the medical oxygen gas plant manufacturers specialized in medical gas engineering solution. PSA Oxygen Gas Plant is a healthier and relatively cheaper alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies which is used to create medical-grade oxygen gas from compressed air. It is also referred to as medical Oxygen generating plant, medical Oxygen gas generation plant, medical Oxygen gas manufacturing plant, etc.

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