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New and refurbished medical gas outlets must be routed through a local zone valve box in medical gas system

Health Care Facilities Code identifies some new ways to specify medical gas and electrical systems. The model of health care delivery is changing because COVID-19 amplifies the need for a decentralized health care environment. From traditionally large centralized facilities to smaller distributed facilities, ambulatory surgical facilities, medical office buildings and clinics have been incorporated into patient communities. 

The march of change makes this a really exciting time for patients, health care professionals, and health care engineers. NFPA 99 is an industry-recognized code adopted by the majority of jurisdictions in the United States and around the world, cited by authorities with jurisdiction, and a valuable resource for architects and engineers with a professional health care design focus, with the exception of residential home care and veterinary medical care.

Medical gas updates

Another substantial addition to the code this year is a new section on health care microgrids in Chapter 6. Chapter 5: Gas and Vacuum Systems, has evolved over several editions with the goal to define standards and provide guidance for patient safety at a variety of different facility, treatment and occupancy types.

Medical gas piping

Medical gas systems and outlets are provided for patient care. The code promotes practices to prevent contamination of the medical gas piping system.

All medical gas outlets must be serviced via a local zone valve box. Existing health care facilities may have vacuum outputs that are not routed through a local zone valve box. New and refurbished medical gas outlets must be routed through a local zone valve box.

Zone valve boxes necessitate precise cooperation between the engineer and the architect. The valve boxes must remain accessible to staff, free of impediments, and not hidden behind regularly open/closed doors. The pipe connected with the valve box will also occupy a large percentage of the surrounding concealed wall stud space, restricting the availability of other systems.

Zone valve boxes can accommodate a wide variety of medical gas valves. Each valve includes a pressure or vacuum gauge.

Medical Gas Zone Valve Box-01

Etr medical gas zone valve box is suitable for the regional gas switch control in the medical gas pipeline system. Optional 1-7 gas control which could switch the gas on and off in ward integrally.

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