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Medical Gas System - The hospital has the responsibility to keep nurses and other staff safe on the job

Concerns are rising about the danger that outdated manifolds pose to hospital staff. Nitrous oxide is predominantly stored in manifolds. However, many hospital have outdated manifolds with old piping, making the risk of leaks particularly high.

The entire medical gas system including medical air compressors, valve stations, alarms, gas sources, etc.The norms and standards governing the design and installation of piped medical gas systems appear to be changing at a faster rate than the systems themselves. The first and most critical step is to understand how changes in regulations and standards will effect your design and specifications.


A Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) frequently oversees medical gas systems. One of the most difficult jobs of a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager is to keep their facility compliant with the usage of medicinal gases.

All repairs, maintenance, and inspections must be performed by accredited people, who are often third-party specialists in medical compliance. Because these gasses are so important, they must be installed properly.

Before installing these important gases, you must ask particular questions and provide precise documents to ensure the safety of your patients and healthcare facility.

Medical Gas Pipeline Piping Materials

Copper tube and fittings have long been acceptable and even most well-liked materials for the delivery of medical gases and compressed gas in health care facilities and laboratories.

It is necessary once specifying fittings for a medical facility to need that they need been clean for gas service and bagged, capped or otherwise sealed to take care of this cleanliness till they're put in.

Medical Gas Installation

Medical gas piping should be clearly known victimisation nonremovable stickers color-coded per the gas. colours ar standardized per the code provisions in your space and may be spaced on the pipe, no over twenty linear unit. apart, and at each valve, at every exit door, and at every service affiliation.

For buried pipes, never-ending tape or marker shall be placed instantly on top of the pipe to spot the pipeline by a selected name.

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