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Liquid Oxygen Explosion Alarm, A safety oxygen supply solution In Hospitals Cannot Be Ignored

on 7th, January, a leak of liquid oxygen occurred on the flange in front of the liquid oxygen vaporizer of an oxygen station of a company in Sichuan. The watchkeeper exploded when he took a picture of the leak point of the vaporizer with a mobile phone, causing the watchkeeper on the spot death.

Liquid oxygen storage tanks are dangerous. Liquid oxygen is not flammable, but it can strongly support combustion. All combustible substances (including gas, liquid, solid) and liquid oxygen are dangerous of explosion when mixed.

Choose a safe and reliable oxygen

The molecular sieve oxygen system uses pure physical adsorption and pressure swing technology. the oxygen generator whose material is air and consume power only. And the equipment can run automatically, and the operation is safe and convenient. On the basis of making the hospital management more scientific and modern, it greatly increases the safety. At the same time, the oxygen output pressure is adjustable, the quality and purity are stable, Reached the target for oxygen in hospitals,which have the advantages of safety, reliability, economy, and convenience.


Install professional gas monitoring and alarm system

It can ensure the safety, stability and effectiveness of gas supply in gas stations. The main gas monitoring parameters of each area are collected in time, If using liquid oxygen as a gas source,Real-time monitoring of liquid oxygen position.24-hour mobile monitoring on PC and mobile,and have Fault alarm function,it Canimprove the safety and effectiveness of medical gases


ETR has set up offices or branches in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide. our products have served thousands of hospitals at all levels across the country. Medical molecular sieve oxygen systems, medical vacuum suction systems and Ward Nursing System and other products are exported to Southeast Asia , Africa and South America and more than 30 countries and regions.

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