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IOT Smart Ward Nursing System Market Set for Rapid Growth Forecast: Impacts of COVID-19

The Smart Ward Nursing System not only provides powerful and perfect communication functions for doctors, nurses and patients in a completely new way, but also creatively provides new functions such as voice reminding, information issuing, and information collection, bedside screen scanning code payment, automatic data upload and information processing with simple and multi-way connection with the testing equipment in the ward. The extension of hospital information management (HIS) system to ward is realized, which is an indispensable part of hospital digital construction. While greatly reducing the work intensity of medical staff, the quality of medical care has been greatly improved.

The market growth is driven by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, the large pool of patients and the increasing adoption of advanced technologies. Furthermore, in the current global scenario, the outbreak of COVID-19 has propelled the demand for Ward Nursing System as the healthcare staff is limited;

Growth Factors:

The economic products are more suitable and ideal for the nursing homes and hospitals. TThese systems need least or no training to the hospitals that ultimately saves the time of hospital staff.

In order to reduce the complexity of installation and maintenance of the system, Smart Ward Nursing System used two-bus (Included power lines, date signal lines, voice signal lines of the system used one two-core wires). The system adopt TCP/IP Communication protocol. Bed extension, door extension and nurse extension used the latest Android 6.0 operation system.

Rapid technological advancements have pushed the demand for nurse call systems in the market. These systems are equipped with several new technologies .It consists of management host, nurse extension, duty extension, patient information list, corridor display, IoT terminal, door extension, bathroom extension, bed extension and call handle, mobile extension, extra bed extension, digital signage measurement equipment, etc.

According to surveys conducted by some hospitals using the IoT smart ward nursing system, the patient's discharge satisfaction increased from 82% to 95.8%; each responsible nurse can save about 1 hour for changing the bedside card information every day; Medical information avoids information delays or errors caused by untimely and incorrect communication between doctors to nurses, nurses to nurses. The application of the electronic bedside card system improves patient satisfaction, improves work efficiency, and improves the quality of care.


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