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Innovation: The medical clean air-conditioning system for hospitals medical gas system

ETR have developed a medical clean air-conditioning system for healthcare facilities to prepare for future outbreaks/pandemics. 

Themedical clean air-conditioning systemis a device dedicated to the air purification system. It is characterized by constant temperature, constant humidity (large air flow, high filter grade and long service life), independent operation, automatic differential pressure alarm and automatic system control, etc.

Disinfection Supply Room Project

Designed to respond to the use cases identified by healthcare staff during the health crisis, these mobile units are perfectly suited to the real needs of healthcare facilities (ergonomics, hospital logistics, patient and healthcare worker safety).

Intensive Care Unit Project-01

Their autonomy, adaptability and ease of deployment are all assets that make ita particularly innovative solution with high added value for hospitals.

Fully autonomous and adaptable units

In addition, biomedical equipment and medical fluids (oxygen, air and medical vacuum) must be sized enough to meet a growing and immediate need in the context of a health crisis. To this end, ETR, a China manufacturer specializing inmedical gas systemsand partner of the solution, provides a complete system to produce and supply in complete autonomy, through mobile generators, the medical fluids used in mobile units. This autonomy preserves the existing stock and network capacities of the hospital. The eco-friendly production of medical oxygen directly on site also has the advantage of eliminating the CO2 emissions generated by liquid or bottled oxygen deliveries.

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