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How to choose a medical oxygen generators?

Medical oxygen generators are essential equipment for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They provide a steady supply of high-quality oxygen for patients who need respiratory support. However, choosing the right medical oxygen generator can be challenging, especially if you are new to the medical industry. Here are some tips to help you select the best medical oxygen generator for your needs.

medical oxygen generators?

 1. Consider the flow rate of oxygen required: The flow rate is an essential factor in determining the size of the oxygen generator that you require. You need to determine how much oxygen your patients need on average before choosing the appropriate generator. Also, consider the number of beds in your hospital or clinic to determine the number of generators required.

2. Check the purity of oxygen produced: The purity of oxygen being produced should always be between 90-95%. The lower the purity, the greater the risk to the patient. A high-quality medical oxygen generator will be equipped with an oxygen purity tester to ensure consistent levels of purity.

3. Maintenance and servicing: Medical oxygen generators are complex machines that require regular maintenance and servicing. Ensure that you buy a generator that comes with a warranty and maintenance plan to avoid unexpected repair costs.

4. Energy efficiency: Choose a medical oxygen generator that is energy efficient to help you save on power bills.

5. Noise level: Medical oxygen generators are not entirely noiseless. However, the noise level should be minimal, not to cause unrest to the patient or disturb the peaceful environment of a healthcare facility.

6. Place of installation: The installation place should be well ventilated, secure.

Choosing a medical oxygen generator is an essential decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. Invest in a high-quality oxygen generator to ensure the safety and comfort of your patients.

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