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Hospital central oxygen gas supply system has many advantages compared with traditional oxygen cylinder supply equipment

Compared with the earlier oxygen bottle oxygen supply method, the central oxygen gas supply uses PSA oxygen generator to produce oxygen, and then the oxygen is delivered to the wards, operating rooms and other oxygen departments through degreased copper tubes and sanitary stainless steel pipes. Different oxygen users only need to insert the joint of the oxygen supply equipment (oxygen humidifier, ventilator, etc.) into the jack to supply oxygen; When not in use, unplug the fittings of the oxygen supply equipment, or close the manual valve. It saves the tedious process of moving the oxygen cylinder from place to place before, so that patients can obtain and use oxygen more conveniently and safely, and can bring good treatment experience to patients. It can be said that in addition to ensuring the quality and supply of medical oxygen, the central oxygen supply can also effectively reduce the work intensity of medical personnel, and eliminate the leakage and waste of oxygen.


Management and storage

The central oxygen supply system stores and delivers gas oxygen to each ward and operating room through a pipeline system, which can reduce the storage space requirements of oxygen cylinders and reduce the complexity of oxygen cylinder management.

High purity oxygen

The central oxygen supply system provides high purity oxygen by raising the oxygen content of the air to the level required by medical standards through an PSA oxygen generator plant.


The psa oxygen generation system ensures the continuity and reliability of oxygen supply. The oxygen undervoltage acousto-optic alarm device set up in the oxygen manifold system and the dual circuit design in the pressure regulator ensure the stability of oxygen supply.


The central oxygen supply system uses low-pressure oxygen into the ward, which is safer than high-pressure oxygen cylinders. At the same time, the system is also equipped with gas zone value box(AVSU) to prevent overpressure of the oxygen pipe, as well as fire fighting equipment and regular fire drills to improve the overall safety.

Economical and efficient

The central oxygen supply system reduces the dependence on oxygen cylinders, reduces transportation and storage costs, and improves the operational efficiency of hospitals.

Intelligent monitoring and maintenance

The use of intelligent monitoring technology can monitor the oxygen supply in real time, find and solve problems in time, reduce the failure rate, and ensure the reliability and safety of the system.

Flexibility and scalability

The central oxygen supply system can be customized according to the specific needs of the hospital, with good flexibility and scalability, and can adapt to the expansion of the scale of the hospital and changes in needs.

Reduced operating costs

By centralizing oxygen supply, hospitals are able to reduce the purchase and maintenance costs of oxygen cylinders while improving medical efficiency and service quality, thereby reducing overall operating costs.


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