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Eter Medical Oxygen Generator--Official Assigned Anti-Coronavirus Brand

At present, the 2019-nCOV virus has spread over 60 countries and regions around the world. The number of infected patients is increasing at a multiple rate day by day in many countries and the global epidemic situation becomes serious shortly.

In the absence of remedy, oxygen plays a crucial role in hospital treatments. "Oxygen therapy" is one of the new coronavirus pneumonia treatment for 2019-nCOV infection, and the latest pneumonia diagnosis and treatment schemes have raised the respiratory support of more severe and critically ill patients to a more important position. Aiming at this treatment scheme, how to ensure effective oxygen   therapy and further reduce the mortality rate, standardizing the treatment of critically ill patients has become a top priority.



After the 2019-nCOV epidemic struck, ETR has been continuously paying attention to the progress of its prevention and control, actively assisted in fighting and try to win the epidemic prevention and control battle with the people all over the country.

On Feb 26th, 2020, China Medical Equipment Association announced, ETR medical molecular sieve oxygen generator is selected in "Emergency Medical Device for the 2019-nCOV prevention and treatment".

Why ETR Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator Could be Selected?

Oxygen Supply Problem


Due to the treatment of patients with new coronavirus pneumonia needs continuous oxygen supply, the oxygen consumption in designated hospitals has increased significantly. Oxygen manufacturers could not supply oxygen sufficiently, timely; in the event of rain and snow, transportation and refilling of liquid oxygen are both difficult, inconvenient; Insufficient oxygen supply has occurred in those hospitals, and finding the solution of shortage of oxygen supply has become a top priority.


Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen

ETR Medical molecular sieve oxygen generator system has below unparalleled performance and advantages compared with traditional bottle oxygen, liquid oxygen:

Ø Economical, long life-time: ETR Medical molecular sieve oxygen generator system of which the material is air and consume power only, per cubic meter of oxygen which normally cost about 1 Chinese yuan, the cost is Lower than Oxygen cylinder and liquid oxygen. Circulation system and drainage system could ensure long service life over 10 years.

Ø Safe: It can work both at normal temperature and low pressure with working pressure lower than 5kg/cm2 safely.

Ø Convenient: It no needs procurement, transportation, canning and storage and is automatically controlled by a computer with simple and convenient operation.

Ø Labor cost saving: ETR Medical molecular sieve oxygen generator system produces oxygen independently and its oxygen supply pipeline is directly connected to bed head unit which could be used for patient at bedside. Nurses No need push oxygen cylinders to isolation ward and the oxygen supply risk is reduce greatly.


Under the epidemic situation, the oxygen supply is the top priority.

ETR will continue to improve its strength, engrave its original intention and mission with higher standards, stricter requirements, and more practical measures to fight the "epidemic battle" and go forward.


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