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ICU Visiting System

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ICU Visiting System
ICU Visiting System

ICU Visiting System

They mainly consist of ICU Management Center, Nurse hosts, visiting extension, ICU extension, etc to achieve visiting interphone functions.

The ICU ward visiting interphone system is used in intensive care units at big hospitals. Family member visiting areas are provided in the custody zone so that two-way video talk can be performed between family members and patients; by Internet access, family members’ remote visits to patients can be achieved. The nursing station can check patients’ conditions at any time by the host to reduce the intensity of work and to attain the goal of strengthening visits to patients.

Product Details

The ICU visitor system built using modern technology digital network technology enables critical patients to be materially cared and cured most safely, which greatly increases the rescue success rate and curative rate for critical patients. This system is closely combined with the integrated systems of hospitals, thus forming orderly medical treatment environments and working conditions, so they are suitable to all kinds of hospitals.

ICU Visiting System


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