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World Debut- ETR Oil-Lubrication vacuum Suction

Oil-Lubrication vacuum pumps with better performance advantages are an inevitable trend to replace water ring vacuum pumps in the medical center attracting industry in the future, and it is also an industry standard that is in line with international medical standards.

Oil-Lubrication vacuum pumps has become a universal first choice for medical institutions in Europe and the United States as early as 30 years ago.

Oil-type rotary vane vacuum pumps constitute a medical center suction system negative pressure station. With simpler connections, higher performance oil-type, and more environmental protection and energy saving advantages, it has been accepted and recognized by more and more hospitals in recent years

wacuum Suction (3)

ETR new designed ETV series Oil rotary vane vacuum pump with good sealing and high safety. The system has high efficiency, stable performance, energy saving and environmental protection.

Integrated modular design, small footprint, flexible placement space.

Because the oil sealing performance is much higher than that of water ring pump water, the vacuum pump of the oil rotary vane vacuum pump has a high pump speed and a fast pumping rate, and quickly reaches the upper limit of medical vacuum requirements in a short time. The operation of the vacuum pump is short and energy saving

The oil vacuum pump has stable performance, extremely low failure rate, and more convenient maintenance.

The oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump has low noise and is more environmentally friendly and economical.

Full touch screen control and operation of equipment, intelligent control, fully automatic operation and switching

ETR devoted to reach and develop the advanced technology for Medical Gas Engineering Products, With 20 years experiences in manufacturing medical oxygen generator ensure give our clients with best customer experience and gained one of leadership in the china and overseas market.

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