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World Debut- ETR Compacted Oxygen Generator System

The village clinics and small hospitals are troubled by the oxygen sources, because of lower oxygen Consumption and long distance, the traditional oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen cannot ensure for the oxygen supply constantly and safely.

With advanced PSA technology, ETR compacted oxygen generator system produces oxygen rapidly with low working cost, long lifetime, easy maintenance, safety operation.


Product Features

Stable Function

Based on about 20 year experiences in ETR hospital oxygen generator, patented heat circulation system and drainage system ensure for long service life.

Energy Saving Design

Using air as the raw material and consume power only. Digital design can ensure for oxygen

Production according to the real demand, and save the energy.

Nitrogen Exhaust Design

Nitrogen exhaust design can reduce the nitrogen content in the room and improve the oxygen production efficiency.

ETR devoted to reach and develop the advanced technology for Medical Gas Engineering Products, ensure give our clients with best customer experience and gained one of leadership in the china and overseas market.

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