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Training The Customer Of Oxygen Generator

customers come to the factory for inspection form somalia,ETR after sales engineer is training the customer and commissioning the medical oxygen plant.

Make the customer master the basic technology of psa oxygen generator operation , we can providing remote instruction and training.

Aftersales Service

On - Site Training

Make the operator master the basic technology of equipment operation/ Providing remote instruction and training for free

Remote Guidance

According to practical problems.Remote guidance by company professionals

Headquarters Training

The company invites customer related personnel to come to the factory for comprehensive systematic training

Quarterly Survey

Setting trace file for every sold product, quarterly survey for every sold product

On-site Services

Providing on-site services and repairs for free during warranty period if problems caused by ETR

Online Service

7*24 hours online service for free, giving solution for any problems within 48 hours

Intime Service

Respond Customers’ On-site Service Requirements Within 7 Days.

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