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The Government Delegation of Montmarne, Barcelona, Spain Visited ETR

Mr. Angel Farre, the Mayor of Montmarne, Barcelona, Spain and company delegation team had visited Hunan Eter Electronic Medical Project Stock Co., LTD on dated 15th of Nov. Mr. LiLong Zhang , the Chairman of ETR and Mr. Zhichao Li, the general manager showed their warmly welcome and made a friendly conversion with the delegation of Spain.


Mr Terry Zhou, the manager of international department accompanied the government delegation visited company and our products. Mr. Angel Farre, the Mayor of Montmarne had asked some questions, such as the distribution of our products in overseas market, the construction of overseas base. Terry zhou answered that ETR had planned to explore the international market in 2015, and exported to Asia, Africa and South America market in these years. ETR had become “One belt one road” construction company in Hunan province, and register to the qualification supplier of UN Project. After the explored the division of our oversea market and market shares risen, it is important part to build an overseas production base in the development of our company.


After finished the visiting, Mr. Angel Farre, the Mayor of Montmarne, Barcelona and company delegation team showed their great interests in our company reach and develop product independently that include Medical PSA Oxygen Generator System and Internet of Things Smart Ward Nursing Information solution. They sincerely hope that ETR products will sell in Montmarne, Barcelona Market, in the near future. They are pleased to establish business cooperation relationship with excellent company in China. Mr Zhang, the chairman of ETR said we will set up our pace for product promotion in oversea market, and we believe Mr. Angel Farre will see ETR products in your hometown in the near future.

Finally, Mr. Angel Farre, the Mayor of Montmarne, Barcelona, Spain and company delegation team took a picture with the accompany workers of ETR for keeping the good memory.


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