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Focus on intelligent manufacturing,Made in China 2025

On December 10, 2017, the shenzhen stock exchange (shenzhen stock exchange), a group of five intelligent manufacturing companies represented by ETR in changsha high-tech zone in hunan province, is receiving the capital market review in the form of roadshow. To park project is recommended as the main body, in the shenzhen stock exchange was the first time, firmly grasp the opportunity, this is hunan docking "focus on intelligent manufacturing, 2025" made in China, with intelligent manufacturing as the core and the main direction, accelerating hunan wisdom made a pioneering move of industrial development.


The five companies that participated in this show have one thing in common: integration of intelligence, Internet of things and big data. 4.0 the following industrial development trend, accurate docking "made in China 2025" strategic guidance for the height of the present capital big beasts, and let them get a sense of hunan in the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing.

As early as a few years ago, the shares can accurately grasp the pulse times, docking in creating intelligent, integrated into the Internet of things, big data, under the strategic thinking orientation of development of the digital wisdom medical ward solution, as a representative of a new generation of intelligent medical service system, and quickly into the big medical equipment market, accepted by the masses of customers. As Mr. Zhang yilong, chairman of the company, said during the roadshow, he can continue to the following market through industry 4.0, which will be analyzed and dealt with in detail in the next few years. As a support, ETR calmly deal with all kinds of market changes, in the fierce competition in the industry to achieve leapfrog development, listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations success in October 2016, and listed on innovation layer in May 2017, become the one of only two medical equipment companies in the level.


The roadshow, which is a new thinking to guide the industrial age 4.0 results show, the development of the enterprise is a special site hunan intellectual highland, promote hunan medical equipment industry towards the beginning of the industrial intelligent broad stage. We believe that the road of intelligent manufacturing will be wider and wider. The more the better!


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