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Eter Support For The Medical Development Of Ethiopia

On March 14,2022, 4 sets of 30 m3/h containerized oxygen generator systems has began to be loaded by crane, ready to drive out of Changsha, and the destination was Ethiopia in Africa.

The production and installation of the containerized oxygen generator system realizes the integrated customization of the factory. The complete system is installed and tested at factory, delivery to customers turnkey project. ETR containerized oxygen generator is removable, no onsite installation the and operation is very easy. It can also save the cost for the decoration cost of the machine room.

The ETR products have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world, perfectly interpreting Made in China and becoming a high quality choice for more overseas customers and becoming a high-quality choice for more overseas customers.

ETR Accelerate The Expansion Of Overseas Markets

The longlasting epidemic has impacted the manufacturing industry all over the world. Under the challenging environment, ETR’s overseas market is striving to accelerate its development and provide the use of oxygen services in Asia, Africa, South America,Middle East and other countries. 

 As a Chinese medical molecular sieve Oxygen production base, ETR is actively responding to China's strategic goal of becoming powerful manufacturing country with the rapid response of the supply chain and the rapid development of overseas markets.

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