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ETR Oxygen Generator System Good Quality and Best Choice

ETR Oxygen generator product is top brand in domestic oxygen generator market with great market channel, excellent product competitive and strong techinical support.

ETR was set up in 2003 and began to produce oxygen generator.

After developed 13 years, ETR has successfully been listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) with the stock code of 839074 in 2016.  The annual turnover of ETR oxygen generator had break up 50 million at the same year.

ETR has successfully been listed on innovation layer with increasing stock price in stock market and become an excellent medical equipment market in innovation layer.

ETR oxygen generator had serviced the large and medium-sized hospital more than 10 thousand in domestic market. Its quality and safety operation had won the public praise in oxgyen generator industry.


1. Function superiority

Diverse varieties- Highland variant, cold variant, high-temperature variant, high-humidity variant and standard variant. It meets different requirement with different area and altitude.

Full-range specifications: oxygen output 3-100 Nm3/hr

High purity: Oxygen purity: 93±3%

Steady pressure:  Stable pressure, it can meet qualified clinical oxygen usage.

Low energy consumption: Total power 5.5-150KW (Unit)

Low noise: Noise ≤85dB

2. Technological superiority

Technological superiority is a most important competition in company and ETR has the topest R&D team.

Oxygen generator to operate stably for 100,000 hours

High purity

Intelligent Management

ETR R&D team has independently developed the online oxygen monitor, of which the LCD touch screen, precision technology and accurate detection make it possible to comprehensively monitor oxygen, so as to ensure the quality and safety of oxygen supply.

3. Brand superiority:

ETR has the powerful after sales service network , the topest R&D team, the experence brand sales team and full- range certification.

From the beginning of its establishment, the company has established a mature brand of medical equipment. The company is constantly attaching importance to the soft power of brand culture, and meanwhile, it is keeping pace with The Times, striving to accumulate rich culture and integrate into the products.

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