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ETR always do our best to assurance the safty of using oxygen.

The safety of medical oxygen has always been a concern news. Recently, an oxygen gas cylinder filling accident has brought the topic of safe oxygen to the forefront. On January 24th , 2018, at 10:50 am, a 6-liter small medical oxygen cylinder filling exploded near the bed of the second floor of the emergency department of the second floor of the new medical area of xiangya hospital of central south university. After preliminary checking , the accident caused five people to be injured.


Oxygen cylinder supply is one of the three most widely used oxygen supply methods in the market. Oxygen cylinder is a cylinder that stores compressed oxygen, its high voltage characteristic, in each operation process, has certain danger. The personage inside course of study in the oxygen tank safety risk accident analysis, the analysis summarizes the oxygen tank explosion accident in the way more than 34, such as oxygen bottle filling requirements do not conform to the standard, oxygen transport process trival, risk is big, the concentration of the medical oxygen bottle to factors such as real-time monitoring, can contribute to an accident. In recent years, under the strict control of the state, oxygen cylinder explosion accidents have occurred in succession.


As the oxygen distribution of the hospital from dispersion to concentration, as well as the liquid oxygen and molecular sieve for the extensive application of oxygen, oxygen cylinder status gradually weakened. Especially the rise of the molecular sieve oxygen generation equipment are studied, because of its working pressure is far lower than the oxygen bottles, without manual operation, independent of oxygen, reducing red tape handling the advantages of the process, greatly improving the safety factor, quickly grab market, become more and more domestic large and medium-sized hospital oxygen.

In order to comprehensively and effectively to ensure the safety of the hospital with oxygen, medical PSA oxygen generation system make better serve the patient, ETR in research and development team spent ten years of effort, and autonomy in security, economic, convenient, etc, on the basis of further research and development of a new generation of cloud monitoring platform, greatly improve the safety coefficient with oxygen. Under the dual advantage of high quality and high safety factor, ETR medical PSA oxygen system has gradually become the recommended choice for large and medium-sized hospitals.

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