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ETER Medical won the "12th China Top Ten Medical Equipment Suppliers for Hospital Construction" again at CHCC24

On May 17th, The 25th National Hospital Construction Conference International Hospital Build and Infrastructure Exposition (CHCC2024) was held in Chengdu China West International Expo City. The theme of this conference is "Facing high-quality development, comprehensively promoting scientific and technological innovation in the construction of a better hospital". The scope of exhibits is fully integrated and deeply subdivided. More than 900 excellent suppliers in the industry share with each other in the 19 major theme exhibition areas and on the grand stage of 150,000 square meters, to build a broad platform for the coordinated development of the whole industry chain for the government, industry, academia, research and application.


In this global hospital construction field of the barometer brand conference, a special medical with "smart medical gas system", "plateau dispersion oxygen supply system", "digital medical cleaning room system" and "Internet of Things smart ward system" four series of product overall solutions unveiled 10V11.


During the exhibition, a special medical booth attracted much attention, focusing on the smart medical gas system overall solution series products. It covers a number of important products from gas oxygen source equipment to medical gas pipeline systems, to medical gas monitoring and alarm systems and equipment belts. Fully and deeply demonstrate the excellent performance of smart medical gas solutions in product innovation and technology application.

It is worth mentioning that this exhibition oxygen family products wonderful appearance, twin tower PSAmedical oxygen generator, can stably produce high concentration of oxygen, long service life; Multi-tower medical molecular sieve oxygen generator and township health centers preferred to use the integrated medical molecular sieve oxygen system. The wide range of products is very suitable for medical institutions with different oxygen needs.


At the same time, the "2024 CHCC China Hospital Construction Award Ceremony" was held to recognize outstanding workers and units that have made outstanding contributions to the field of hospital construction in China. After more than three months of intense preparation and careful evaluation, combined with the fair rating of many authoritative experts in the industry, a special Medical treatment stood out among the shortlisted enterprises, and once again won the "12th China Hospital Construction Top Ten Medical equipment Suppliers".


Facing the future, Yitet Medical will continue to uphold the concept of "love casting products, dedicated to patients", continue to explore and practice, and contribute more to the development of global medical cause. At the same time, One special Medical is also looking forward to working with more industry colleagues and partners to move forward hand in hand, keep up with the development trend of the new era, and accurately feel the development direction of the construction of a beautiful hospital.

In this era full of opportunities and challenges, let us look forward to the wonderful performance of one special medical in CHCC2024, and jointly witness the new chapter of smart medical. The exhibition will last until May 19th, Yitet Medical will be in 10V11, looking forward to working with you to open a new journey in the medical industry!


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