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Eter Medical builds medical molecular sieve oxygen system for NanJing Brain Hospital

Medical gas systems are also known as life support systems. With the continuous development of the medical industry, the key role of medical oxygen has become increasingly apparent. In recent years, China has entered a peak period of hospital construction and attached increasing importance to oxygen safety, and hospitals have listed oxygen source management as a framework for hospital construction. 

After the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more and more hospitals have been an increased demand for oxygen gas in hospital wards. Worldwide, governments are scaling up their existing facilities to fill the oxygen demand. Hence, there is an indispensable need for every hospital to map out their oxygen requirement with their present and future average and peak daily consumption based on the bed strengths, ICU, and ventilator facility to match it with the oxygen supply from various sources. 

Eter Medical focuses on providing hospitals with safe and efficient life support systems. By analyzing the current status of oxygen supply in Nanjing Brain Hospital, we propose a model to calculate the approximate oxygen requirement for a given hospital, based on the bed strength and capacities of critical care units to deal with the oxygen crisis effectively.

About the Hospital

NanJing Brain Hospital (NBH), also known as The Brain Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu Mental health center, was founded in 1947. It is a third-grade class-A hospital and its Psychiatric department was listed top 6 for the 10th consecutive years. As the first state neuropsychiatric hospital in china, NBH shoulders the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of Neuropsychiatric disease, as well as its teaching, scientific research, and judicial appraisal not only in Nanjing, but also in Jiangsu province and even the national wide. It follows government directives, provides psychological rescue for emergencies, and safeguards the social stability through carrying out key urban tasks and dealing with public health emergencies. 


Project Presentation

Hunan Eter Medical Co., Ltd. has built a medical molecular sieve oxygen production system for NanJing Brain Hospital. Two sets of containerized oxygen generators with capacity of 50m³/h have helped to improve intelligent hospital management in oxygen use, design and engineering appliationg of oxygen supply system, emergency support, management operation and maintenance.


Highlight Display

1. Compact layout and small footprint

The hospital is located in the central area of Nanjing, in the Wutai Mountain area, with hills and slopes as the main terrain. The container oxygen generator is a complete set of oxygen generators pre-completed in a container, with the advantages of small area, simple operation, easy maintenance, quick on-site oxygen production, convenient switching, and no pollution.

2. No need to build an oxygen station

With 50m³/h double unit estimates, the station room area needs to be around 150㎡. As a turnkey project, without on-site installation, the external standard box can be regarded as a portable workshop, that is, a mobile plug-and-play device, which is directly installed in the outdoor, no need an oxygen station house, low cost. 

3. Intelligent monitoring

The intelligent medical gas monitoring and alarm system monitors ensure effective management and control of gas quality, pressure and delivery rates. Alarm and supervision systems ensure remote monitoring and notification of all faults. 


In the normal situation, how to scientifically design and reasonably layout, so to achieve the "daily and emergency oxygen use", neither waste of resources in "daily", but also meet the requirements of emergency use, which puts forward higher requirements for the medical gas system, especially the selection of medical gas source equipment and the reasonable arrangement of station rooms.

Hunan Eter Medical Co., Ltd. has been developing in the medical industry for more than 20 years. Our medical molecular sieve oxygen production system has been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and its performance has continued to rise in recent years. Eter Medical will continue to uphold the mission of "Creating products with love, Caring patients with sincerity", build more high-quality projects, contributing to the high-quality development of the hospital, and jointly building a better medical environment.


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