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ETER Medical Designs and Constructs Cleanrooms Project of People Hospital in Maanshan City Bowang District

The construction of medical consortiums is an effective vehicle for the implementation of the tiered diagnosis and treatment system. Various forms of medical consortiums have been actively promoted in various provinces and cities, achieving significant results, and the construction model of the consortiums has been fully covered.

In order to comprehensively enhance the medical and health service capacity of Bowang District and better meet the needs of the masses for nearby medical treatment. Ma'anshan People's Hospital and Bowang District People's Hospital have formed a close medical consortium, based on the construction of a "four-in-one" regional tiered diagnosis and treatment system of the city, district, town, and village, effectively promoting the sinking of high-quality medical resources and the establishment of the tiered diagnosis and treatment system.

About the Hospital

Bowang District People's Hospital was established in 1980 and cooperated with Ma'anshan People's Hospital in the medical consortium in 2016. The new hospital covers a total area of 110 acres, and the hospital currently has 452 beds. The project is built according to the standards of a third-class hospital and is now a public non-profit second-class comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and rehabilitation.

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Project Introduction

ETER has designed cleanrooms project for Bowang District People's Hospital, covering many purification spaces such as the delivery room, Laboratory Medicine, Operating rooms, Central Supply Room, Compounding Rooms, Interventional Radiology Room, and Imaging Centers. The completion of the project will effectively improve the operational efficiency and service quality of the Bowang District medical and health system, further meet the people's demand for health services, and promote the high-quality development of Ningbo integration.

A cleanroom is a highly controlled environment which has been specifically designed to reduce particulate contamination, as well as to control pressure, temperature, humidity and personnel access. As you begin to plan out your cleanroom and define a specific class associated with it, other elements you may consider are filtration, HVAC system, airflow arrangements, as well as indoor environmental quality. Using seamless, solid surfaces are common practices in cleanrooms because they help facilitate better environmental cleaning.

Project Presentation

Delivery Room

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Medical Labs, Central Supply Room, Compounding Rooms

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Operating rooms

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Interventional Radiology Room, Endoscopy Room

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Imaging Centers

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ETER will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "Casting products with love, serving patients with dedication," providing more medical institutions with outstanding hospital cleanroom system overall solutions, creating more high-quality projects, facing high-quality development, and let us witness the innovation and progress of medical services together.


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