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Containerized Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant To Myanmar

ETR containerized oxygen cylinder filling plant, ready to shipment and delivery to Myanmar

All in one and no need for onsite installation, easy operation.


description of containerized oxygen cylinder filling plant

ETR containerized oxygen generator is consisted of the screw air compressor, air dryer, filters, buffer tanks, oxygen generator, electricity control system and the optional oxygen cylinder filling station. The complete system is installed and tested at factory, delivery to customer s turn-key project.

ETR containerized oxygen generator is removable, and make the onsite installation and operation very easy. It can also save the cost for the decoration cost of the machine room.


containerized oxygen cylinder filling plant Feature:

1. Turn-key project and removable, easy for installation and operation;

2. Small and easy machine room;

3. Heat and sound insulation treatment;

4. Smart monitor and control system, support for remote data transfer;

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