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Congratulations: ETR won the great prize in Safety Education.

China's constitution day and the 17th national legal publicity day is December 4th . To further implement the party's 19 People's congress spirit, the full implementation of peace park, the rule of law, overall construction of a new high-tech zone,Committee of changsha high-tech zone in range of district organizations to carry out the "ten units, hundreds of households, thousands of enterprises" create peace "1000" activities, and in this day held the 2017 constitution day and for the construction of a peace conference. The 36 advanced enterprises represented by Hunan ETR Electronic Medical Engineering Co., Ltd have been awarded the honorary title of "ping an enterprise".


Security has always been a top priority in the management of a stock enterprise. From the safety management, safe production to safe operation, a ETR has been the main content, the key planning and implementation. In the aspect of safety management, the management of ETR has a high position to ensure the implementation of the safety management system. Company will be regularly invited experts and some safety knowledge training for everyone, regular internal security checks and fire rehearse, let all the staff have a strong sense of safety and security responsibility, promptly eliminate jobs and side safe hidden trouble. Safety production and safety management, ETR have their own a set of complete quality management system and safety operation procedures, adhere to the "safety first, the supremacy of life, No safe no production" concept of security "to achieve safety and production, safety and environmental protection, harmony and balance between safety and economic benefits.


ETR thought, enterprise is a cell of the society, only pays attention to its own security issues, to promote the stability of social environment, only pays attention to its own security issues, to ensure safety and health of employees in the production process, improve the production and operation of an enterprise, promote the steady development of enterprises.

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