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China's Aid To Africa-ETR Provide Medical Gas System Products To Lesotho

On January 10, 2023, the ETR medical gas supply system products have been loaded and ready to be sent to Africa, mainly for the medical project construction of China's aid to the Maseru Hospital And Eye Clinic in Lesotho.


The Maseru Hospital And Eye Clinic in Lesotho aided by China is the largest medical construction project under construction in Lesotho. After completion, the Maseru Regional Hospital will be equipped with advanced medical equipment to provide local people with medical training, detection, treatment of cancer, Medical services for tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes and other diseases.

Participating in the construction of China's aid to African medical projects is of great significance to us, and it is also the corporate responsibility and mission we are constantly pursuing. ETR devoted to reach and develop the advanced technology for medical gas engineering products, With 20 years experiences in manufacturing medical gas products ensure give our clients with best customer experience and gained one of leadership in the china and overseas market.

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