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A Business Trip In Three Nordic Countries-Traveling Record

Changsha,Hunan Economic and Trade Delegation will visit Three Nordic countries Denmark, Poland and Montenegro about 10 days during 22nd-31st July 2018. The Chairman of Hunan ETR, MR Zhang attend this business study activity as the representive of Hunan Medical Equipment Corporation.


The First Visiting Country is Denmark. As the most development Country in universal High-welfare,medical equipment & Medicine, Denmark implement universal health-care System. The Delegation had visited the hospital in Danish capital, Copenhagen, and know the business cooperation betwenn hospital and medical equipment corporation, made a coversation with delegate of local medical organzation.


The delegation made a business coversation with Mr. Steve Wang ,the President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Demark & Mr Li Han, The Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in The Kingom of Demark. As the only representive of medical equipment corporation in the delegation, Mr Zhang hold the meeting with Mr. Steve Wang & Mr Li Han seperately, discussing th pential possibility of business cooperation between domestic medical equipment corporation and Demark local corporation.


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