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A bulletin of glad tidings

Warmly congratulations ETR Won Tenders continually in August.

At the beginning of the latter half of the year, ETR adjust marketing strategy and strengthen the development of our projects so that improve the market share. ETR had won the many tenders in Yunnan, Xinjiang and good news keeps pouring in. ETR had won four tenders in a week, and won tenders for 7 project totally in August, the Amount reached RMB 4,2990,000. The Contract amount is nearly 130 million until in the end of August. It increased 60 percent compared to the same period of 2017. ETR stands out among many competitors, which is an affirmation of the company’s comprehensive strength and technical capability. It is a recognition for ETR Company and products from our customers.


The correct decision of the leader of our company, the great cooparation in every department, especially the hardworking of our salesman are contribute to the success of the project. The project won the tender that is very meaningful for expand business and strengthen market in the future and the same time it display ETR increasingly powerful core competition.


ETR will provide the advanced technology and improved scheme, continuously innovation and devote to supply efficient, safety life support for hospital!   “Dedicating for Human Healthcare”!


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