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14 Countries Medical Service Study Group Visited ETR

A group of Medical Service Study Group which are included 44 professional medical staff come from Azerbaijan, Namibia, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Guyana, South Sudan, Ukraine, Uganda, North Korea, Afghanistan, Laos, Uzbekistan Gambia arrived at Changsha , Hunan in Sept. They visited Hunan Eter Electronic Medical Project Stock Co., LTD dated on 20th, September that is a state -level High-Tech Enterprise and software enterprise.


The Chairman Of ETR Stock, MR YiLong Zhang represent ETR to express their warmly welcome to Medical Service Study Group in reception, at the same time it is great honor to communicate and cooperate study with Medical service staff who come from all over the world as the medical equipment company in Hunan. We sincerely hope the cooperation of two parties can realize share technology, knowledge, achievement together.  ETR will also follow the original aspiration of the experts in various countries to promote mutual support and common progress in medical Services.


We made a presentation by PPT to introduce products and service of our company. After meeting, we guide them who came from different countries to make a field trip in company sample hall and R&D base, so that make them overall understanding to our products included smart ward nursing system, Medical PSA Oxygen generator System. Though carefully visiting process, they made question and show great interesting.

After visiting, the study group said that it had gained a lot, had a deeper understanding of the medical equipment company of ETR, and many members showed clear intention of cooperation in the exchange.


Through the “Close contact” between the 14 countries study group and ETR, made customers know our products and production technology very well, which further increases their trust in our products. At the same time, our company can make effective communicate with local customer in overseas, and know the requirements of local hospital, promote the stable development of overseas trade.

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