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Hulun Buir Sino-Mongolia Hospital


1.Hosipital Introduction

Warm congratulation the project of Hulun Buir Sino-Mongolia Hospital had coopearated with Hunan ETR Electronic Medical Engineering Co., Ltd.Hulun buir city hospital is located in the beautiful scenery of the grassland in hailar city west street downtown area, is a bigger a concentrated, Hohhot area, western medicine health care, scientific research, teaching and preventive care in the integration of comprehensive hospital. The hospital was established in January 1954 and was then called "the joint hospital of hailar city". In 1992, it was approved by the hula office as "the Mongolian hospital in hulun Belgrade".The building area of the hospital in hulunbuir is 17000m2, covering an area of 11,000m2, with 210 beds and a complete department, with 27 clinical departments including Chinese and Mongolian medicine, women and children.

2. Project Plan

According to actual needs of hospital, our company technician know the machine room and hospital around environment carefully, and make a project about medical PSA oxygen generator system in Hulun Buir Sino-Mongolia Hospital after communication with hospital. The system is stable operation, low fault rate and oxygen purity is stable and high. The working operation is convenient, safty and the hospital was pleased with the results.

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