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GanSu People’s Hospital of Lingxia


1.Hospital Introduction

Warm congratulation GanSu People’s Hospital of Lingxia had coopearated with Hunan ETR Electronic Medical Engineering Co., Ltd in the installation of medical center gas supply system.

GanSu People’s Hospital of Lingxia is located in linxia city, capital of linxia hui autonomous prefecture, southwest of gansu province. Founded in October 1952, it was renamed the people's hospital of linxia hui autonomous prefecture in November 1956. After nearly 50 years of rough roads and vicissitudes, the hospital has developed into a comprehensive regional hospital integrating medical care, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, first aid, health care and prevention.

GanSu People’s Hospital of Lingxia is a medical and health service center in linxia district, which is responsible for the health care of more than 1.9 million people in the region. The hospital has 550 staff and 650 beds.

2. Project Plan

Our company made a project in installation of medical central gas system at GanSu People’s Hospital of Lingxia, including medical PSA oxygen generator system, air compassed system, central vaccum, central supply gas pipelines, central vacuum pipelines, auxiliary appliance, medical ward calling system. According to the using oxygen capacity and patiental capacity of the hosipital, our techinican recommend AS-L oxygen generator sytem. After the system operated, the oxygen purity is stable and high, safty and ecomonical,  convenient operaton and the staff of hospital are very satisfied with the operation effect.

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